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Simple & classic, the easy elegance of the Contour Cuff never disappoints.

We named this bracelet the contour cuff because that is exactly what it does -- the cuff conforms to the shape of your wrist. But it's the subtle details in our process that make it especially flattering and durable. The bracelet is forged by hand, creating strength in its feminine curves.

+ bracelet measures 1" wide
+ one size fits most
+ handmade in our Nashville, TN studio

availability ships within 7 - 10 business days

The contour cuff is a one size fits most style. The cuff opening slides over the side of the wrist. The cuff can be formed and shaped by hand to fit.

need more help with sizing?
we made a guide with tips and tricks for sizing learn more
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sterling silver is solid sterling silver throughout. Never plated or silver-filled. By nature, sterling silver will tarnish over time.

gold + rose gold plated 18k gold and rose gold plated over brass. Our process of plating is much more durable, as we begin with a rhodium barrier - a white metal which provides a strong, durable layer for the gold plating to bond. The gold layer is 5 microns thick, which is more than double the standard.
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christina kober jewelry does not contain nickel.