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archive | EAR CLIMBERS
archive | EAR CLIMBERS
archive | EAR CLIMBERS
archive | EAR CLIMBERS

archive | EAR CLIMBERS

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The diamond dusted ear climber perfectly completes every kind of look, from t-shirt and jeans to a little black dress.

This earring can be worn climbing up the ear or as a simple drop. Sold as singles or as a pair. If you would like to purchase a single, choose right or left. Available in 3 sizes.

Why is this in our archive sale? We have discontinued rose gold. Archive sale items are non-returnable.

+ long ear climber measures 2" long
+ medium ear climber measures 1 1/4" long
+ mini ear climber measures 1/2" long
+ includes plastic ear back for wearing as drop earring
+ handmade in our Nashville, TN studio

availability ships in 3 - 5 days

The diamond dusted collection highlights a texture Christina coined "diamond dusted." The technique is carefully applied by hand, by striking the metal with the back, pointy side of a diamond. The metal is softer than the diamond, taking an unusual imprint of the diamond's point. Which is the beautiful, subtly sparkly finish you see.
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sterling silver is solid sterling silver throughout. Never plated or silver-filled. By nature, sterling silver will tarnish over time.

oxidized silver will always be solid sterling silver with a surface treatment to blacken the exterior of the silver. Oxidization is only available on items that receive less wear such as earrings and pendants.

gold vermeil 18k gold plated over sterling silver. Our process of plating is much more durable, as we begin with a rhodium barrier - a white metal which provides a strong, durable layer for the gold plating to bond. The gold layer is 5 microns thick, which is more than double the standard.
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christina kober jewelry does not contain nickel.