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Diamonds are one of the most unique gemstones - not only are they the hardest natural substance, but they're also the only gemstone made of one single element - carbon.  Traditionally, diamonds are associated with being rare, expensive, and only for special occasions. Enter lab-grown diamonds - putting this notion in the past.

Lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds in appearance, quality, and composition - meaning they're identical physically and chemically - but they're more ethical and affordable than natural diamonds because no mining is involved. 

Why lab-grown Diamonds

When I began designing the diamond fleck collection, I wanted to create a collection of beautiful diamond pieces that were accessible. I envisioned them to be the perfect starter diamond - gifts for graduation, confirmation, and 16th birthdays. 

But I also wanted to offer pieces that could be easily incorporated into a daily stack that can add elevated and precious sparkle to your everyday look at an affordable price. Lab-grown diamonds cost 60-80% less than natural diamonds, providing an excellent value.

My other deciding factor was related to sourcing the diamonds and ensuring that they were conflict-free and ethical. Lab-grown diamonds are a responsible choice because they're grown using precise technology and aren't mined from the earth.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Using state-of-the-art technology that replicates the natural conditions found beneath the Earth's crust, diamonds are created from "seeds" of existing diamonds. This process yields a more ethical diamond, which possesses the same lattice crystal structure as those mined from the Earth.

lab-grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

When I heard about lab-grown diamonds my initial question was : are they real diamonds? I’m sure that’s the question you’re asking as well. And the answer is a resounding YES!

In quality, look, and composition, a man-made diamond is no different than a natural diamond. When lab-grown diamonds are tested with a diamond tester, they will register as real diamonds—only tests on specialized equipment can distinguish between the two.

To shop the diamond fleck collection and discover the sparkle of lab grown diamonds for yourself, visit this page.

- Christina


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