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jewelry care

Christina Kober Designs' handmade jewelry while delicate, is designed to be worn everyday. While we want you to wear it all the time, that can shorten the life of the piece, follow our simple care suggestions to prolong it's life.

Refrain from wearing your jewelry when coming into contact with harsh cleaning chemicals and chlorine, wait to put your beautiful jewelry on after you spritz your favorite perfume or moisturize with your preferred lotion (including suntan lotion). We do not recommend wearing your jewelry during exercise or during times of excessive sweating, as silver will tarnish at a faster rate.

general jewelry care
It's ok for you to shower in your jewelry but be wary of any exfoliating scrubs or perfumed soaps, as that can scratch or discolor the surface of the metal. Remove rings when gardening or washing dishes, and watch necklaces and bracelets around babies and young children.

Do not store jewelry in the bathroom. Keeping pieces stored in individual ziplock bags will help prevent oxidation and scratches. Remember to fasten your necklaces and bracelets when storing, to prevent them from getting tangled or knotted. If you find yourself with a particularly stubborn knot in a chain, your best tools are a needle and some patience.

Regular cleaning will help jewelry retain its shine. A treated polishing cloth, especially for your sterling silver and rose gold jewelry, is your best friend. You can gently clean your jewelry with warm soapy water and a soft brush to keep it sparkling. A few drops of ammonia can help stubborn dirt. After cleaning, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

diamond dusted jewelry
This beautiful texture will occasionally become dull due to dirt and debris. Using a soft tooth brush with warm water and a bit of handsoap will clean out the dirt + debris bringing back its beautiful luster and sparkle.

message jewelry
Hand stamped jewelry creates a deep impression in the metal. The blackener is a surface treatment that fills in the stamping to give contrast to read the messages. The blackener will last longer if it is not introduced to water or soap. You should remove stamped jewelry before showering and remove rings before washing hands to prevent the blackener from wearing off.

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If you have any further questions about the care of your jewelry please do not hesitate to contact us