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It's the most wonderful time of the year - from the magic, the sparkling lights, family time, and the food to mention a few - it can also be the most stressful time of year as well. Our to-do lists continue to grow and it can get pretty overwhelming quickly.

As the last few shopping days before Christmas are upon us and the final rush has set in, I wanted to ask the Christina Kober Designs team how they cope with the craziness of the holidays.


Rest! I try very hard to not overschedule our family in general, but that is especially true during the holidays. It still feels like a marathon, but knowing we've got breaks and rest built in helps me get through the season with a bit more grace.
- Erin G | wholesale partnership manager


When I am feeling stressed over the holidays, my favorite thing to do is to take a break by walking through the neighborhood to look at the holiday decorations. I listen to Christmas music on my headphones, and appreciate the sparkling lights!
- Sara | production jeweler

Christmas candles and all the decorations! Balsam or cinnamon for the candle and then my Christmas tree and varying lights have to be on all the time!
- Grace | customer concierge


I get through the holidays by watching all my favorite movies! The Holiday, The Family Stone, The Grinch, and Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol are on repeat at my house all season long (and then some if I’m being honest). You can keep your Christmas music, but give me allllll the corny holiday movies! Add a pile of cozy blankets, a roaring fire, and a cup of cocoa and I’ll find the joy of the season in no time!
- Carrie | marketing maven


My personal strategy for coping with the holiday season is online shopping exclusively, plenty of drinking, and consuming an unhealthy amount of holiday cookies. When things get extra stressful I try to see things through my children's eyes and that usually helps me muster up the one festive bone I have in my body.
- Erin E | production jeweler


I have a two pronged method to coping with the holidays : 
1. watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. I love how predictable the stories are so I don't always have to be 100% focused and can get things done on my to-do list (like wrapping gifts or editing blog posts like this one). 
2. I really try to keep up with my self-care during this time. Even when I'm exhausted I try to take the time to do my full night-time skin care routine and not skip steps. Getting a manicure is a waste of time as a jeweler during the holidays - but I try to get at least 1 pedicure during the holiday season to relax as well.
- Christina | founder


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