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I love gemstones. The individuality of each stone telling a story, each imperfection, inclusion and beauty mark (as I like to call them) not only makes them one of a kind and special - but also gives the stones a personality. I have been collecting stones since I was a child - even before I realized I wanted to make jewelry. Every couple of years I come out with a collection that features my favorite stones - if you’ve been around a while you might remember the gumdrop rings & the pastille drop collection. Today - I’m so excited to share my latest one with you, the faceted collection. Featuring beautiful rose cut stones that I have been accumulating over the years in all my favorite colors.

So let’s start with the stones - these are rose cut gemstones. They are flat backed stones with pretty, angular facets covering the top of the stone. These facets help to catch and reflect light bringing out the natural color, flash, and imperfections. We have stones of all my favorite colors - peach moonstones with flecks of gold, unusual sapphires (think yellow and icy gray instead of the traditional blue), cool green emeralds, icy blue aquamarines, and smoky moonstones. As the light hits each of the stones, they come alive, changing color and flashing flecks of gold or iridescence - all naturally occuring in the stone. Pretty amazing these all come from the ground.


It took me a while to design a collection that fits within my aesthetic that not only featured the stones but also the textures and metals that I love. I came up with two styles to start - a diamond dusted band with the stone set in a simple bezel or a plain band with a small diamond dusted cup sitting next to the stone.


From there, I began playing with metal - while we have the rings that are all sterling silver, we also have mixed metal rings that feature sterling silver ring bands with solid gold bezels and diamond dusted cups. Why mixed metals? Well honestly, that is why I started making jewelry - I LOVE the look of sterling silver mixing with the warm honey glow of gold.

The faceted collection rings are stunning on their own as a statement cocktail ring. I designed them so they can be easily stacked with others. I love the look of stacking with your favorite narrow inspiring or diamond dusted petite stacker. Stacking and mixing metals is the perfect way to add a little individuality to your look, and be able to wear more of your favorite jewelry more often.

Sitting down with each stone - I look at the color, cut, and individual accents to decide which style and metal would best enhance its natural beauty. These rings are one of a kind and once it’s gone there won’t be another just like it. That being said - we do have more loose stones - so feel free to  email us and we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect stone & create a custom one of a kind ring for you.

Head on over to look at our newest collection - the faceted collection.


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