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style | How to Build a Jewelry Collection

Growing up, I always loved the Summer. I especially loved the week I would spend with my grandparents in Florida. From playing outside with my cousins, to eating grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to learning how to hammer a nail with my Grandpa - it was a time of freedom where the days were long and hot, but I was doing all the things you dreamt about during those cold school days. As an adult summertime brings me to a place of nostalgia - a time I collected all those magical memories.

Throughout our lives we collect memories, building our story. Jewelry in a way is a physical collection of those memories - from a ring your parents gave you that was once too big but now fits your pinky, to the piece of jewelry you got when your first child was born - these pieces are special and tell your story. Some you wear everyday, present for the quiet in-between moments that are often the most meaningful. Others are occasion pieces that sit in your collection, waiting for the big special moments that define your life.

Having the ability to build your jewelry collection by adding in new pieces representing new memories to mix with your treasured pieces filled with nostalgia is special - it's what makes your collection speak to who you are as a person. And just like people, jewelry shows age and wear and marks from experiences. The beauty of a piece of jewelry isn't at it's pinnacle when it's pristine, shiny and new in the box. It's not meant to be kept preserved in that way forever. I think it becomes more beautiful as you wear it and it becomes a part of your life, every dent and scratch represents how well-loved your piece is - and how much of your life it has been present for.

christina's daily jewelry collection

Recently, I've been drawn to wearing a ring my dad made for me as a child. Last June I lost my dad to a long battle with dementia and this piece reminds me of him, his talents, and how much he inspires me (see the ring here)

Another piece that I wear everyday is a herringbone chain my grandma left me. It was something she never took off, she wore it gardening and out to a nice dinner. When I touch it throughout the day I feel the sentimentality of those summers I spent with her - keeping those memories close to my heart.

I love wearing this gorgeous, well-loved chain and the unique ring my dad made me with some of my favorite pieces that speak to where I am in my life currently. I wear my grandma's chain with the handwritten initial necklace featuring my two children's initials. Drawing on my connection to my femininity, I've been wearing the sweetheart ring stacked next to my dragonfly ring. 

What are some of your most treasured pieces or heirlooms?


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