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tips + tricks | how to clean your rings

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We are all doing our best to adjust to this new normal of social distancing, homeschooling, working from home all with hardly any toilet paper to be found. We are washing our hands with more intensity and cleaning and disinfecting like champs - while protecting us, it is also wreaking havoc on our hands and our rings.

I may not be able to help much with dry skin (other than recommending some amazing hand lotions) - I do have some tips on how to clean your rings.

Remove your rings

  • Take off your rings before putting on hand lotions. Lotions can build-up on your rings and leave them dirty and no longer sparkly. Many lotions also have fragrance which can cause oxidation (blackening) on silver rings.
  • ALWAYS remove rings when using products like Clorox and other harsh cleaning products. These chemicals can scratch or eat into the metal of your rings.
  • If your rings have blackened letters, this is a surface treatment that is like a lacquer and will wear away with frequent handwashing.
  • having trouble remembering to take off your rings? keep a cute ring dish next to your sink to remind you to take them off

shop some of my favorite small businesses for ring dishes

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how to clean your rings

  • the tools : a soft toothbrush, warm water, dish soap, a small glass or bowl
  • first, add a drop or two of the dish soap in a small glass or bowl and add warm water. stir to mix and drop in your dirty rings.
  • let your dirty rings soak for a few minutes, 2-5 mins, to loosen the buildup and dirt
  • using the soft toothbrush, add a little bit of the dish soap and dip in warm water. Lightly scrub your ring cleaning off the buildup that has accumulated.
  • rinse your ring, being careful not to let it drop down the sink!
  • repeat if necessary
  • this works great for our diamond dusted pieces

reblacken your rings

  • the tools : an oil-based paint pen (we love the sharpie brand), a wet wipe (these are our favorites)
  • swipe the paint pen over the surface you wish to reblacken
  • before the "paint" dries, wipe off with the wet wipe (sometimes it will take a couple swipes to remove the paint)
  • voila! your ring is reblackened!

And here are some of my favorite hand lotions to help with that dry skin!

I hope these tips help! Let us know if you have any other questions!


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