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Behind the Message | Embracing Your Story + A Reminder to Love Yourself

The funny thing about the phrase "your story" is that your brain automatically assumes that you have the control. At least that's how my controlling type brain works - if you map it all out, put it on the calendar, it's gonna happen! But of course, my journey is the path that is set before me and was definitely not plan A or B! That's the exact reason why I added Embrace Your Story to our Core Messages. I needed the reminder that I don't have control of the boat and to let the sail take me where it will. And this could also be a great reminder to love yourself.

Certain things happened that made me question everything - all of my friends were having kids and it felt at times that I was the one being left behind. I didn't plan on struggling to get pregnant for four years or go through the process IVF fertility treatments. My journey to motherhood was rough, long, and a real struggle - but it was well worth the wait for my beautiful boy. And if it wasn't for those four years, I wouldn't of been able to put so much time and energy into growing Christina Kober Designs.


And now in 2020, we all feel like we are living in a real shit show. All this time spent at home in the unknown & uncertainty, I have realized that I need to embrace the in between. Since Elliot wasn't in daycare, he got to spend a lot more time with his Opa, who as of a couple weeks ago is now in memory care. I am so thankful for all this time with Elliot (who just turned One) - and now my family has those memories that we otherwise wouldn't. 

Now here's my mini self learned lesson on how to Embrace Your Story: Instead of the perspective where you're constantly viewing the setbacks as a reflection of what's wrong with you, throw those expectations out the window and embrace that your life isn't like everybody else's. Embrace the slower moments of this season. Embrace the anxiety and unproductive days, the day five dirty hair, your body - and that you don’t have full control of your story. Embrace what is your story - all the good and all the bad.

xoxo, Christina 


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