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Life update with Christina

Christina and Dan

It's been a little bit since you have seen our faces --- and we love sharing what goes on behind the scenes and who the creative minds are that run Christina Kober Designs. I first told you about myself in our team spotlight series.  This week I took over our social media accounts and I am also celebrating my birthday - I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let you know about some big business transitions and my life since covid and having a baby. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions for me, I'll be happy to answer them! 

Life has changed a lot during the COVID-19 stay at home order - what surprised you that you have enjoyed most during it?

I am very much an introvert, I like my alone time and I love being at home. So being at home hasn’t been much of a stretch for me, but what has surprised me is how much I love sharing an office with my husband.

Tell us about your role at CKD and what it’s been like since COVID-19. Are there any changes at CKD you can tell us about as well?

I am the CEO and creative director of Christina Kober Designs - so basically I drive the vision of the business, I design all the jewelry, I manage our team, track our budget, and fill in any gaps that might not get taken care of.

Right after Elliot was born, my husband and I decided it was time for us to move back to Atlanta to be closer to my family. My father’s health was declining and we wanted to be close by to help my mom out where we could. Our original plan was to keep the studio running in Nashville, and I would manage from Atlanta - making trips to Nashville every couple of weeks. 

In March, right after COVID shut-downs began, we had to let go of our production team - so anyone who made jewelry was let go. It was a really difficult decision, but we didn’t have the demand from wholesale orders and unfortunately, we don’t make a large profit on our jewelry where I have lots of savings to keep the team on. I have gone back to making, shipping, and answering all retail emails - in addition to my regular work.

This also affected the plan to keep Christina Kober Designs running from Nashville, essentially when we moved back to Atlanta in April, we packed up the studio and moved it to our basement. Which sometimes I am sad that I feel like I have taken steps backward in my business - I am back to doing what made me want to start my business in the first place - making jewelry.

Favorite recipe

Oh man, I am not much of the cook in our family. But my favorite meal recently has been Paula Deen's Taco SoupBut we tweak it a little to be more like a chili than a soup by draining all of the beans and we use ground turkey. Throw in a little cheese and some fritos and you are set.



I am more productive if I get dressed. So my favorite WFH outfit is very similar to my normal work outfit - a button down shirt and cropped jeans with my favorite jenni kayne mules (but now sub out for my favorite slippers!)



Do you have any tips/distraction hacks for moms with newly walking babies?

We try to have a “safe” area in each room for Elliot to play. But another thing I have started doing is finding the everyday safe items Elliot can play with, so when he tries to climb on the fire place - I can distract him with a favorite book, toy or game.

                                    loveevery play kit     Anthropologie stuffed animal     Wish childrens book


So much! But I would say probably the most important is to not compare yourself to others. Listen to others’ advice, but you don’t necessarily have to take every piece of advice. 

And when someone tells you “well just wait for how hard it will be when…” - remember that phase may not be as hard for you and your little one. You are always in the hardest part because it brings new challenges, but it also brings new joys.



I love going on walks on the greenway near our new home. Atlanta is still pretty far from having cooler fall weather, so the greenway provides paved trails with tree coverage. You feel like your hiking but it’s a smooth trail for the stroller!


Any binge worthy podcasts/tv shows that you’ve discovered recently?

Haha! Binging might be my newest hobby.

I love true crime podcasts - my favorite are : My Favorite Murder, Sinisterhood, Red Handed, and Southern Fried True Crime. Other podcasts I highly recommend are : American Scandal, Imagined Life, Zach to the Future, and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Dan and I have been binge watching older tv shows from the early 2000s. Shows we haven’t seen or shows we loved way back when but want to see how they hold up - some we have watched are : Top Chef, Parks & Recreation, Alias, Friday Night Lights to name a few.


Beauty product you can't live without

I am obsessed with my Beauty Counter C serum. And my two newest favorites are Necessaire Deodorant and The Body Wash - both in Eucalyptus. The smell is like you’re in a spa in your home. And their deodorant is the first natural deodorant that I’ve used that works when you sweat.


Favorite CKD product right now?

Ooh that’s a tough question - right now I really love jewelry that I don’t have to think about. But I would say I probably love my handwritten e necklace the best right now. Whenever Elliot is upset and I am holding him he will hold it in his hand and it seems to calm him down.


Is there a quote or person who has given you inspiration through your life?

I am constantly inspired by people in my life. My friends are true pillars of light and strength - resilient in the face of loss and hardships and still so positive and giving. I am constantly inspired by them.


xo, C.Kober 


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