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Life Update with Erin

 Erin typing on the computer

It's been a little bit since you have seen our faces --- and we love sharing what goes on behind the scenes and who the creative minds are that run Christina Kober Designs. I first introduced Erin, in our team spotlight series. Now let's circle back around and see what life & work has been like for her since. 

Life has changed a lot during the COVID-19 stay at home order - what surprised you that you have enjoyed most during it?

Zoom calls! Most of my friends live all over the country and pre-Covid-19 we weren’t as great about keeping in touch. This has been a great reminder to reach out. Some of the best times I have had in the last 3 months were spent on Zoom with friends and family catching up or just hanging out.

Tell us about your role at CKD and what it’s been like since COVID-19

As the Wholesale Partnership Coordinator, I focus on sales, managing wholesale orders, and customer service for our stores. I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home Pre-Covid-19 while my kids were at school, so work has not changed a whole lot for me. The biggest change has been when I work. I used to get most things done in the morning, and now I have to squeeze in work while I can during naptime or while the kids are distracted. Otherwise I end up with one on my lap pressing the keyboard and the other sneaking into the pantry for more snacks.

Favorite recipe

I have a lot of go-to recipes in rotation, but our favorite new one has been this mexican street corn dip from DamnDelicious. I use frozen corn (leave out the jalapeno for the kids) and roast it in the oven on aluminum foil so I don’t have any clean up. It takes maybe 15 minutes and it’s so good we eat it as a side with a fork.

mexican street corn dip  



Do you have any quarantine distraction hacks for moms with kids at home?

I’m not going to lie - we’ve been relying a bit too much on PBS lately. My biggest success has probably been trying to change up anything I can so the kids don’t get bored. We’ve rearranged rooms, rotated toys in and out of storage, and re-organized things so the kids can help themselves (and clean up after themselves) as much as possible.  

What’s your favorite family activity?

Pretty much anything we can do all together outside. My husband works in healthcare, so time with him is precious these days. We’ve eaten dinner outside, hunted fireflies, water gun fights, fireworks, whatever we can think of to spend time together in the backyard. 

backyard fireworks



I’ve been living in comfy jean shorts and t-shirts. 


I just started using bar soap for my face and hair from The Earthling Co. I’m trying to switch to more natural beauty products for health reasons and I was shocked how much I loved it.

Earthling co soap bars

favorite CKD product right now?

I’m very excited about the new diamond dusted drop earrings. I’d love a pair of each!


gold mini bar earring and gold dot stud



Is there a quote or person who has given you inspiration through your life?

It would be impossible for me to pick one person. I pull the most inspiration from the people I am close to. They are all exceptional at different things, they have all been through their own journey, and they have overcome trials in their own remarkable ways. That’s a boundless resource right there. 


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