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I have been wanting to show more behind the scenes of Christina Kober Designs and I thought the best way would be to first introduce you to our team. The CKD team is amazing. We are a close-knit group that sometimes feels more like a family than a business - a great mix of dynamic, dedicated and talented women, that bring different backgrounds and experiences to build a very strong team.

In our Team Spotlight series, I will be introducing you to our team one at a time. I am so excited to share who we are, the team that brings Christina Kober Designs to life. We are the people who hand-stamp, solder and polish your jewelry, the ones that answer your questions, and the ones that package up your orders with love. My hope is that you will see more of what makes us who we are, what drives us and connect to our stories of what inspires us.

I am so excited to introduce you to Erin! Erin joined our team in August but she has a little bit of a history with CKD - as she was my first ever employee 9 years ago! She was my first production jewelry assistant that helped to make all of our fortune cookie necklaces and initial pendants. After 6 years of being away, she is back in a new role! We are excited to have Erin back to the team!

I'd like you to meet Erin!

erin working

What do you do at Christina Kober Designs?
As the Wholesale Partnership Coordinator, I am the point of contact for all of the stores that carry CKD.

What does your typical day at CKD look like?
I have the privilege and challenge of working from home. After I drop my kids off at school, I come back home and get organized for the day. I check emails, return phone calls, enter orders, handle payments, and check in with the team in Nashville. If there is time after I finish the day-today stuff, I’ll work on things like customer research and outreach, planning for future email campaigns and shows, and updating our databases.

What is something you think most people don’t know about handmade jewelry?
The amount of time, energy, and skill that goes into a quality piece of handmade jewelry is often misunderstood and undervalued.

That sense of awe you get from something truly beautiful.

What does a “treat yourself” day look like to you?
I am an introvert, so “me” time is crucial. That could be anything from grocery shopping alone, to a full blown spa day. The perfect end to that day would be a date night with my husband, Michael, some great food, and good atmosphere.

Aside from my kiddos, probably my engagement ring. My poor husband had the task of picking out a ring for a jeweler, and he hit it out of the park. It’s a beautiful, unique antique ring with filigree, diamonds, and sapphires.

You were Christina’s first employee 9 years ago. What did you do? How has CKD changed over the years?
I was her jewelry production assistant - basically her second set of hands. Whatever she needed me to make to fill orders - usually fortune cookie necklaces, lots of them - I would make in my home studio and deliver to Christina weekly. CKD has gone through so much growth since then. I hope it’s not weird to say I am proud of Christina, but I really am. She’s created and grown this inspiring company from just her at home to a team of really awesome ladies in a bustling studio. The jewelry has changed a lot too!

Your background is in making jewelry - you even have a degree in metalsmithing. What was your favorite project you ever worked on?
I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of really cool things. I think my favorite project yet has been a pair of bridal earrings for a dear friend. I included her birthstone, aquamarine, as something blue, added two small diamonds as a gift from me, and included the lace pattern from her dress as a detail on the back. They were very personal.

You are a mom of two sweet children. What is one of the funniest things they have said to you?
Both kids are big jokesters, but they are probably the funniest when they don’t mean to be. My oldest is 4. Recently after he had been sick for a while and lost some weight I told him he needed to make sure he ate well because we needed to “put some meat on his bones”. The next day he was really hungry and said, “Mommy, did you forget? We need to put some steak on my body!” This morning my 17 month old was trying to put a diaper on her toy octopus. They definitely keep us laughing.

What is your favorite CKD piece and why?
That is a tough one. I am a sucker for gemstones so probably anything from the Faceted Collection.

faceted collection

Ok, now time for a little quick fire….

Gold, silver, or rose gold?

Diamond dusted or Inspired?
Diamond dusted

Savory or sweet?

Receiving gifts or giving gifts?
gGiving gifts

Simple or Layered?

Wide ring or Narrow ring?
Narrow ring

Coffee or tea?

Dog or cat?





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