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our guide to wedding bands

Searching for the perfectly symbolic wedding ring (or anniversary stacker) can sometimes feel never-ending, especially when you are looking for something simple and unique. Many of our popular stacking rings are the perfect solution.

Understated sparkle for meaningful wedding rings
Our diamond dusted bands feature our signature texture that is created by a diamond hitting the surface of the metal. The metal, being softer than the diamond, takes the impression of the diamond's point creating tiny, sparkly indentions all over the surface. Four bands in particular have been favorites for wedding bands : our diamond dusted petite stacker, diamond dusted narrow ring, narrow remembrance ring in diamond dust only, or our grand remembrance ring in diamond dusted only (this is perfect width for him as well).

 diamond dusted petite stacker diamond dusted narrow ring 

diamond dusted narrow remembrance ring diamond dusted grand remembrance ring

symbolic wedding rings
The möbius ring is a minimalist design with an impactful significance. The idea behind the design is that when you follow the flat side of the ring it has no break, no beginning and no end, it is continuous, neverending for eternity. Our möbius design is available in two widths, narrow and wide.

gold mobius ring

Say something meaningful
Our treasured inspiRING is a beautifully understated band with a secret message hidden on the side. I have been wearing a custom 14k gold treasured ring added to my wedding stack for about a year now (read why here), giving me the strength and love I needed. This can be a special way to carry part of your vows with you every day.

custom 14k gold treasured inspiRING | SMALL STEPS STILL GET YOU THERE

Classic with a twist
Our classic and sparkle rings may be unadorned with shimmer and words, but are not to be overlooked. Both of these designs are more than they appear. The classic ring, while looking like a simple band, is slightly curved creating a comfortable and light fit with a beautiful high shine - letting your engagement ring do all the talking. The sparkle ring is delicate with small round facets subtly catching the light, enhancing the beauty of your diamond.

classic ring sparkle ring

Looking for a specific metal? While our rings are mostly only available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and 14k rose gold - we are happy to talk with you about making a custom ring for you in 14k white gold. Please contact our custom concierge and we will be happy to assist you in any way.


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