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stack of grand remembrance rings 

Every word, date, or message we stamp has a story - a connection to you. These stories are why I started making jewelry with messages, giving inspiration, remembrance, strength to the wearer.

In our Customer Stories series, I'll be sharing some of the sentiment and the why behind your custom messages.

Today, our own Carrie H. tells us about her custom Grand Remembrance InspiRing.


Carrie's story


My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was two years old. For the majority of my childhood, she was in and out of the hospital for treatments or surgery. Through it all, she kept a smile and did everything she could to make my life feel as "normal" as possible. Just before my 12th birthday, she went home to be with Jesus.

Ever since, I have tried to live a life that she would be proud of.

She was kind, creative, funny, humble, and wise. She was a loyal friend, a supportive wife, and the most incredible mother. I've always thought that if I could be even a fraction of everything good that she was, I'd do okay in life.

Now, 20 years later, I wear this ring as a daily reminder to be all the things that she was and to make her proud with everything I do. When I look at it, I'm reminded of her smile and, even on my worst day, am encouraged to live like she did! It has quickly become one of my most prized & cherished possessions!   

Grand Remembrance Ring with message reading "Make Her Proud"

Why we love the grand remembrance Inspiring

    • It is customizable - there is space for 52 characters. This ring is great for short phrases or sentimental words.
    • This ring makes a statement! It's inspired by wide men's bands & had both personalization and our signature diamond dusting
    • The Grand Remembrance inspiRing is a great gifting option. Not sure about their preferred ring size? We offer one free resizing, so if it's not perfect we will fix it! learn more here
    • It is a great base ring for your ring stack! 
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