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narrow cuff stack on model

Every word, date, or message we stamp has a story - a connection to you. These stories are why I started making jewelry with messages, giving inspiration, remembrance, strength to the wearer.

In our new Customer Stories series, I'll be sharing some of the sentiment and the why behind your custom messages.

First up, Naomi tells us about her custom Narrow Inspiracelet Cuff.

naomi's story

I'm a long time fan of the composer John Cage and his piece 4'33", which has often been associated with silence, has always resonated with me. It's a piece of music that requires deep listening and expects us to have a new and profound experience each time. It begs the question of the possibility of silence in the first place. At least that's how I've always interpreted that piece of music.

As a writer, I spend a lot of time in presumed silence. I wear that bracelet when I write to remind me to take time to hear the nuance and subtext every time I return to a scene I'm working on. To listen deeply to what it is I want to say and to be open to a new experience and interpretation when my words are trying to show me something different.

Art is living; it evolves with us

 silver 4'33" narrow cuff

Why we love the narrow cuff

    • This bracelet is customizable - there is space for up to 80 characters and you can personalize the text placement. Perfect for quotes & longer messages!
    • You can stack them! This narrow cuff is the perfect addition to your wrist stack. 
    • The Narrow Cuff is a great gifting option. Not sure about their wrist size? These cuffs have a slight bit of give to allow you to bend it to fit the wrist. learn more here
    • It is one of our best-selling bracelets! 
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