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Personalized Treasured Inspiring

A thoughtful, personalized gift takes time find. You want to make sure your loved one genuinely likes it… especially when it comes to jewelry stamped with a custom message. This piece is not a card that says “Happy Birthday”- it's meant to be worn, loved, and last for years to come. We know how hard it is to choose a custom message that you can be confident in, but not to worry - We are here to show you the ropes.

 picking the message

In a nutshell, the message should be something meaningful between the two of you: a meaningful date (anniversary, births, in memory), inside joke, their personal mantra, a shared connection, their favorite quote. 


  • keep it simple
  • nicknames, initials, names
  • a sweet phrase shared between you
  • connect with their story or journey


  • stamped message being "Happy birthday/graduation/valentines" etc.
  • sign your name at the end of the message like a card or letter: "love, mom". When it comes to jewelry, a person always remembers who gave it to them - there's no need to include that it's from you.
  • overdoing symbols or punctuation: * / | . ! ...

 Custom Message Product Examples

teeny tiny

Our signature block font's teeny size is meant to be subtle and just for you. Each piece has an allotted amount of characters available for custom stamping. This can be found on each product page under personalization. 

LAYOUT OPTIONS - Along with the character count, each custom message piece has a certain number of lines available to be stamped. You can determine the placement of your message: left justified, right justified, or center. 

FOR EXAMPLE - If I were to personalize a wide inspiring, I have 5 lines of 12 characters per line (including spaces). My custom message is: Nothing is absoluteI want my message to sit at the bottom left of my ring so I would insert it as following:

Custom Message Example


gift option

Check “this is a gift” before adding it to your cart, and we'll handwrite a note from you.If you have multiple pieces, make sure you let us know if you would like them boxed together or separate.


our top picks to personalize

FOR THE LONGER MESSAGE - wide inspiring, everlong necklace, grand cuff, narrow cuff 

Longer Message Product Examples


FOR THE CONCISE OR ONE WORD MESSAGE - narrow ring (stackable), small coin necklace, mini coin necklace

One word product examples


FOR THE MORE PERSONAL, SENTIMENTAL MESSAGE - treasured inspiring, fortune cookie necklace

Sentimental Product Examples


custom concierge 

If you get stuck and need a little help coming up with the perfect message, our Custom Concierge is here to help. 12 years under our belt, we are personalization experts over here!

Or feel free to shoot us a text: 404-465-3918 (hours: weekdays until 5pm). 


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