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Summertime is the time of year many of us look forward to the most: longer days, warm sunshine on your skin, a fun summer wardrobe, and of course VACATION. Layering up your bracelets, adding a sweet dainty necklace and finishing with a few rings - your summer look is complete. But - summer tends to be harsher on your jewelry. Between sunscreen, chlorine from the pool and sweat - your jewelry is a target for tarnish and discoloration. With these summer jewelry care tips and reminders, your jewelry will be safe in the sun!

When you’re heading outside to be in the warm sun, we definitely recommend lathering up in sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply)! While sunscreen protects you, the strong chemicals don’t play nice with jewelry. If you REALLY want to wear that necklace or ring - we recommend waiting until the sunscreen is completely soaked in before putting them on. And be sure at the end of the day to give your jewelry a good rinse (a mild soap, soft toothbrush and warm water) to clean off any residue. This is also true for perfumes.

Speaking of perfume, have you ever noticed that when you try on your friend’s perfume it will smell completely different on you? That’s because our body chemistries are different - the oils on our skin, acid balance and perspiration make-up - so we have varying reactions to perfumes, lotions and, you guessed it, metals. Our sweat is part of our body chemistry and can make your jewelry tarnish faster. Perspiration and skin oils will also leave behind a residue that will make your jewelry dingy and dirty - and if not cleaned can eventually affect the finish.

Planning a pool party or lounging in the hot tub? Another important summer jewelry care tip: don’t invite your jewelry to the pool party. Chemicals used to keep the water clean, like chlorine, react strongly to the metal and can cause jewelry to tarnish faster or even strip the finish.

Taking a beach vacation? (can we come?) While your jewelry may be extra sparkly on the beach - we recommend leaving it in your room. Between the abrasive sand, chemicals in sunscreen and sweat - your jewelry is likely to not only tarnish, but get scratched.

If you love working in your garden, we recommend keeping your jewelry safe in your house. Not only do you risk losing a ring in the roots of that beautiful mum you’re planting - ground soil and fertilizers contain many chemicals, such as sulfur, that like to react with metals. Also you run a higher risk of scratching your jewelry.

Sometimes you forget to take off your jewelry, and that’s ok. As soon as you can, give your jewelry a good bath. Using warm water and gentle soap - use a soft toothbrush for chains and items with harder to reach crevices - wash and rinse your jewelry to get all the residue off. Follow up with a treated polishing cloth, these can be found at retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even Amazon. If you find the jewelry still looks a little worse for wear, let us know and we can help you with a professional cleaning.

Wishing you a wonderful Summer!
xo, Christina

Please note: it is normal for jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, to get scratches on the surface from wear and tear as we are much harder on our hands. Also the blackener used to darken messages in our inspired collection will wear off with normal wear over time - contact with water and soaps will expedite this process.


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