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team spotlight | EMILY

I have been wanting to show more behind the scenes of Christina Kober Designs and I thought the best way would be to first introduce you to our team. The CKD team is amazing. We are close-knit group that sometimes feels more like a family than a business - a great mix of dynamic, dedicated and talented women, that bring different backgrounds and experiences to build a very strong team.

In our Team Spotlight series, I will be introducing you to our team one at a time. I am so excited to share who we are, the team that brings Christina Kober Designs to life. We are the people who handstamp, solder and polish your jewelry, the ones that answer your questions, and the ones that package up your orders with love. My hope is that you will see more of what makes us who we are, what drives us, and connect to our stories of what inspires us.

For the sixth installment of our “Team Spotlight” series I am introducing you to Emily! Emily is our little unicorn of happiness and talent. She jumps around from taking photos and posting on instagram stories to assisting with making jewelry. She always has a smile and a positive outlook. And I think she has a future as a food critic - just for her reactions to various foods.

Now, I'd like you to meet, Emily!

What do you do at Christina Kober Designs? 

I have two job titles! I am the studio assistant which means I assist the production team by cutting, sawing, cleaning and assembling the raw materials for soldering and forming. I am also responsible for the marketing efforts and content creation on Christina Kober Design’s social media pages!

What does your typical day at CKD look like?
I usually start my day by looking through pinterest for social inspiration. Then I jump into snapping and editing pictures for Instagram. I usually go into the studio to bother Mary Ellen so I can capture some awesome jewelry making in action. She is a fountain of information. I love learning as much as I can from her so I can share it with everyone else on our social media! On other days, I am in the back making jewelry. I’m the color collection gal so you can usually find me beading away while listening to my favorite podcast, Criminal. I make a lot of the necklace chains, narrow cuffs, and ear climbers. I really enjoy getting to also make jewelry. It mixes up my week and keeps things interesting.

What is something you think most people don’t know about handmade jewelry?
Everything is done under one roof. Christina comes up with the new designs. Prototypes and samples are made. Then the pieces are handmade by group of talented jewelers. In between each step, pieces are checked, double checked, and then checked again by multiple people. Once approved, the jewelry is packaged up beautifully and sent off. This entire process is done in our studio in Nashville, TN. This way of making jewelry is pretty unique today. I think it’s pretty cool that I work for a company that cares so much about the quality and lifespan of the jewelry.

The best source of inspiration for me is removing myself from my daily routine and going on a hike. Something about being surrounded in nature and being completely disconnected clears my head for new ideas and energy to arise. For content inspiration; Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are my go-to’s. Pinterest also helps with outfit inspiration when I stare into the great abyss of my closet thinking I have nothing to wear. And then of course, music has always been inspiring for me depending on what I’m feeling or need to hear in that moment.

What does a “treat yourself” day look like to you?
Sleeping in! I’m a girl who really enjoys her sleep. I would then have my breakfast and iced coffee on the porch. I have a pretty good porch with an even better view of the city skyline! For the rest of the day, I would go do a hike at Percy Warner, have a chipotle burrito bowl afterwards, and then head home to relax in comfy clothes. I would finally take the time to do all the beauty things that I never have time for like a face mask and painting my nails. I would definitely go out for dinner with friends, probably indian cuisine. If I’m feeling sassy, the night would end with drinks at Attaboy. Do we see a theme here? Food is important to me.

The best gift I have ever received was a custom necklace designed by my mom. My grandma gave each of her four granddaughters a gold link bracelet when we each turned 18, and a diamond when we turned 21. When she passed away, my mom had my diamond set in one of my extra links from my bracelet. I was very close to my grandma so having this to represent her means so much to me. I more than teared up when my mom gave it to me!

Oh boy, haha! Probably my reactions and commentary during lunch. I don’t really hold back when I’m enjoying my meal or trying something new. Especially watermelon! It’s a favorite of mine and everyone in the studio knows it.

You’ve been creating a lot of content and images for our Instagram lately. How did you learn photography?
YouTube is my best friend with content! There are awesome photography and graphic design channels that I religiously watch to learn and get new ideas from! I also have learned a lot from my sister. She’s a great photographer.

You moved to Nashville from Raleigh not too long ago. How do you like Nashville? Do you have some favorite places you’ve discovered in and around the city?
Ooo good question! Nashville is the best city to explore! I’ve done a lot of food exploration. Thai Phooket, Wild Cow, & Green Chili are what I crave most often if I want to eat out. Thrifting is a weekend activity I thoroughly enjoy. If you’re in the market for dad sweaters or mom jeans, Southern Salvage is the place to be! I also love to go outside of the city to hike! Tennessee has some of the best trails around. Mossy Ridge at Percy Warner, Sewanee Perimeter Trail, and Fiery Gizzard are my favorites so far. It’s nice to get away and reset for the week in the great outdoors.

What is your favorite CKD piece and why?
The Diamond Dusted Arc Necklace, hands down. It was the first piece I went heart eyes over when I started. I love the size and simplicity of the shape and the eye-catching diamond dusted texture. Since working at CKD, I want everything diamond dusted now!

Ok, now time for a little quick fire….

Gold, silver, or rose gold?

Diamond dusted or Inspired?
Diamond Dusted

Savory or sweet?
Sweet. I had a lot of cavities when I was a youngin’

Receiving gifts or giving gifts?
Giving gifts!!!

Simple or Layered?
Layered. Jewelry, clothes, all the things!

Wide ring or Narrow ring?
Narrow ring! Stack it up!

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. I’ve always loved it since I was a little girl. Fave ice cream flavor too!

Dog or cat?
Cats! I miss my two little purries back in NC.

IG all the way!

Winter. All the layers and coziness happening. I just love it!

Ooo I can’t choose. It depends on what mood I’m in. As of right now, I’m more into color. But It could change tomorrow :)


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