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INTRODUCING | faceted collection pendants

faceted collection pendants

The faceted collection rings are our one-of-a-kind pieces that feature beautiful rose cut stones alongside our signature diamond dusted texture. We have loved making these custom rings for you and are so excited to introduce the faceted collection pendants.

The beautiful rose cut stones each have their own individuality - the shape, size, inclusions and beauty marks (AS I LIKE TO CALL THEM) make each pendant one of a kind and special. Each stone is either set in a bezel setting or prong setting - sometimes featuring accents of gold for added impact.

Each setting is designed with that specific stone in mind - whether I keep it all sterling silver or add in accents of gold depends on the features of the stone. I will look at the size, color, shape and beauty marks on the stones to help determine the best way to enhance its natural beauty.

faceted collection black cherry sapphire

All of the pendants are rose cut gemstones. They are flat backed stones with pretty, angular facets covering the top of them. These facets help to catch and reflect light bringing out the natural color, flash, and imperfections. We have stones of all my favorite colors - peach moonstones with flecks of gold, unusual sapphires (THINK YELLOW, PINKY PURPLES AND BLACK INSTEAD OF THE TRADITIONAL BLUE), mossy green emeralds, ice blue aquamarines, and cool white moonstones. As the light hits each of the stones, they come alive, changing color and sometimes flashing flecks of gold or iridescence - all naturally occurring in the stone.

The faceted collection pendants are beautiful worn as a statement necklace or worn layered with your favorite everyday necklace. I have always loved mixing styles of necklaces, like a simple chain with a more elegant pendant. Layering and mixing metals is the perfect way to add a little individuality to your look and be able to wear more of your favorite jewelry more often. We are always happy to help you style your jewelry - please contact our custom concierge for personalized service.

faceted collection pendants hanging

These pendants are one of a kind and once they’re gone there won’t be another just like it. That being said - we do have more loose stones - so feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect stone & create a custom one of a kind pendant for you.

Here are some of my favorites in this collection (although if you ask me tomorrow, I might choose different ones!) :

peach moonstone
faceted collection emerald pendant faceted collection black cherry sapphire


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