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something new for spring

When I was designing for the new pieces this Spring, I pulled inspiration from many places. I wanted to share a little bit behind the designs, so here are the first four pieces. I hope you love them as much as I do.

 GRAND REMEMBRANCE INSPIRING : in a nod to men’s style, I took the width of a men’s band and added our prettiest little detail of femininity - diamond dusting, of course. The grand remembrance ring has the diamond dusted texture cascading down the width of the band. Choose your favorite inspiring message to be featured amid the sparkles or you may opt for the band to be diamond dusted only - it’s up to you!
Narrow remembrance inspiRING : Once I designed the grand remembrance inspiRING, I knew I wanted to make a narrow stackable version. This ring has all the sparkle and sass on a more delicate band. The diamond dusting is concentrated toward the front of the band and gradually gets lighter toward the back. I wanted to give the option to have your ring be all diamond dusted or add your favorite inspiring word. Choose what speaks to you or wear both together for an elegant stacked look.
Everlong necklace : I love the elongated shape of our everlong ring and wanted to translate it into a necklace. The negative space in contrast to the words on the pendant adds intrigue to the design. The shape is so easy and a piece I see myself reaching for almost everyday.
Diamond dusted mini coin necklace : My love for dandelions began at a young age. I have always been fascinated by the idea of making a wish and seeing if fate or my own will took care of the wish coming true. The diamond dusting on the mini coin is reminiscent of a dandelion - the words representing your wish or dream. I love the whimsical nature of this tiny pendant.

In the next few weeks keep checking the new section on our website, as I continue to add more of our new products for Spring!


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