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farewell to the block letter

block letters

After years of service, the block character necklace and bracelet are headed into retirement! While we are sad to see them go, we are excited to make room for new designs on the way.

To celebrate the life of the block letters and clear out what we have left, they will be 30% off for the entire month of March! Order your favorite letter for you and your friends before they’re gone for good. Once a letter sells out we won’t be making more, so if you’ve had your eye on one make sure to get it quickly!

Inspired by refrigerator magnets from childhood, the block character necklace has a nostalgic look to it that we love. Letters, numbers, and symbols are available to wear on their own or layered together.

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  • Brittany Leon: March 02, 2022
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    I’m heartbroken to learn the block letters are gone! I bought a b necklace as a gift to myself at the Chattanooga art fair in 2014 and wore the necklace every day for 5 years until I misplaced it and never found it again! I searched and searched for your page before thinking of googling the art fair and finally finding your name. sigh I’m excited to see your new designs! A new necklace for a new era, I think.

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