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I have been wanting to show more behind the scenes of Christina Kober Designs and I thought the best way would be to first introduce you to our team. The CKD team is amazing. We are a close-knit group that sometimes feels more like a family than a business - a great mix of dynamic, dedicated and talented women, that bring different backgrounds and experiences to build a very strong team.

In our Team Spotlight series, I will be introducing you to our team one at a time. I am so excited to share who we are, the team that brings Christina Kober Designs to life. We are the people who handstamp, solder and polish your jewelry, the ones that answer your questions, and the ones that package up your orders with love. My hope is that you will see more of what makes us who we are, what drives us and connect to our stories of what inspires us.

For the eighth installment of our “Team Spotlight” series I am introducing you to Anna! Anna joined our team in November and she immediately fit right in. Like me, she has two cats and is mildly obsessed with them. Anna is a joy to work with in the studio and a quick to pick up anything new we give her!

I'd like to introduce you to Anna!

What do you do at Christina Kober Designs?
production jeweler

What does your typical day at CKD look like?
Straight into the studio for some jewelry making! I’ll pick up working on pieces at whatever stage I find them. Every day is different and there is always something new to learn. I do everything from measuring and cutting metal, soldering, drilling, forming, diamond dusting..the list goes on!

What is something you think most people don’t know about handmade jewelry?
I think most people probably don’t know just how many steps and stages are involved in the making of each individual piece. I am still amazed by the process myself and how little pieces of metal evolve into something beautiful and handmade.

Lots of things, I really love nature and big open green spaces. I love aesthetic and photography. I also really love music and playing the piano which I always come out of feeling clear-headed, fulfilled and totally inspired.

What does a “treat yourself” day look like to you?
I like when the morning light wakes me up, as opposed to an alarm. Then it would be straight to coffee and some breakfast making. And then I would love to do something outside in the sunshine like go for a walk/hike, kayak, read, swim... I’ll take any of those. Something sweet would probably be included in a “treat yourself” day. For me, I really love a good old fashioned chocolate milkshake which could come before or after a big dinner because I hopefully would have worked up an appetite with all that outside activity.

So, I’ve got a bit of a crystal/rock obsession. So my boyfriend, for Christmas the past two years, has bought a stocking and stuffed it with individually wrapped stones for me to pull out and open one by one. It might be the most fun I’ve ever had.

I’m not the only one known for this in the studio but I have two cats and a very deep love for both of them. So.. maybe a little animal crazy.

What are some international places you’ve traveled to? And the high & low from each?
Japan. High: Absolutely beautiful place and culture. I love everything about Japanese culture. The people there were so kind and helpful. Low: For me, there was a pretty solid language barrier, it seemed like some of the differences in words were so slight that everything blended together, especially at opportune times like navigating the railways or remembering street names.
New Zealand. High: Most beautiful and unaltered landscapes I’ve ever seen. Low: I had to leave.

As a Belmont grad, what’s one of your favorite memories from your time in college? And are there any hole in the wall spots to eat that you discovered as a college student in Nashville?
I took a Belmont organized whitewater rafting trip my freshman year. It was such a great way to meet new and like-minded people. It was also the first extended amount of time I spent with my now boyfriend, so 7 years later, that was pretty nice. And then there was my study abroad time in London, which I don’t know if that counts because I wasn’t technically at Belmont, but it was still an amazing experience.
Hole in the wall spot would be Samurai Sushi on Elliston Place, best sushi in Nashville.. and there is another spot close by called Rotier’s, it is a diner spot and with diner food but my parents used to go there in their college days at Vanderbilt so that has always been cool to me.

What is your favorite CKD piece and why?
The petite stacker. It’s so tiny and sparkly, I love the delicate look of it by itself and have way too much fun pairing it with other rings to see how it looks. I usually end up with one on if I’m making a bunch. It’s also comfortable!

Ok, now time for a little quick fire….

Gold, silver, or rose gold?

Diamond dusted or Inspired?
Diamond dusted

Savory or sweet?

Receiving gifts or giving gifts?

Simple or Layered?

Wide ring or Narrow ring?

Coffee or tea?

Dog or cat?
Can I skip this one?!





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