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Jewelry With Meaningful Messages: Our 10 Newest Sentiments

words- they're funny things, aren't they?

They're so simple, but they can hold so much power. They're like tiny vessels carrying oceans of emotion, memories, and experiences. They can comfort, inspire, motivate, and at times, transform us. 

At Christina Kober Designs, every word, date, or message we engrave holds its own story - a special link to you. The idea of telling these stories inspired me to start making jewelry, offering wearers a touch of inspiration, a memory to hold onto, and a source of strength.

Every so often, I like to add new messages to the mix that we offer. Many of the phrases and words this season have been inspired by the process of getting to know myself better in the past few months. It's true that we never stop growing and learning.

As many of you may know, I lost my father recently, and through his loss I've learned so much about my limits, heartache, the bonds of friendship, being truly present, creating boundaries that I was never brave enough to make, and embracing who I really am.

As I've been grieving and going through this transition, I've found that words can serve as more than just an expression or a random thought. They can be personal milestones, bookmarks that highlight a specific moment in time. They can be whispers from your past self to your future self, reminding you of your growth, the battles you've fought, the strength you've harnessed, and the resilience that's become your second nature. 

Whether they're etched into your heart, scribbled in a journal, or, in my case, hand-stamped onto a piece of precious metal, they can serve as little reminders of the epic journey that is being you.

I'm thrilled to share these 10 new messages and hope that at least one resonates with you on a deep level. We can all use some encouragement and inspiration every once in a while. Keep reading this blog post to discover the 10 messages as well as the meaning behind each one, in my own words.

Breathe Through the Wild

This message came in an email from an acquaintance during the pandemic. It resonated with me, and I keep returning to it as a beautiful reminder that the chaos of life will keep coming, and all you can do is breathe through it and keep going.

Stronger Than the Storm

This one's a reminder that I'm tougher than I realize and can withstand struggles that come my way. I may bend and flex and falter, but my resilience makes me stronger on the other side.

You're Doing Fucking Great

I'm SO incredibly hard on myself and tend to focus only on my failings. But I AM doing fucking great, and I should recognize it and celebrate it.

What's The Best That Could Happen

It's so easy to think the opposite of this message “what’s the worst that could happen” and fall into a trap of negativity and worry. But it can be so empowering to flip the script and change your perspective to think of all the wonderful things that can come out of something.

It's what inside that counts

This one started as a fun little message for packaging - because obviously the jewelry inside the box "counts". But as we're online more and more, I think sometimes we forget that being kind and respectful is more important than the photos and the outer image being portrayed.


I’m probably not going to explain this one well. For such a short and small word, it probably is the most personal and impactful for me. To feel acknowledged and appreciated for the things you do as an individual can mean so much. Sometimes I feel like I put in so much effort and energy for the end result and/or “big” moment to go by unnoticed. It can feel deflating, but to know that what you’re doing is SEEN even if only for a moment makes you feel validated.

Keep Going

Positive self-talk is something that I've utilized in my adult life to push through difficult situations - both literally (childbirth) and figuratively (navigating a sudden employee departure). Sometimes I can be fairly soft and sweet, but sometimes I need that straightforward push to get me to the other side. “You can do this” and “keep going” are two of my go-to motivators. While not the most lyrical word combinations, direct is what's needed.


I always do my best to make decisions with purpose. Even selecting the word “intentional” was a deliberate choice. It's easy to say you'll be intentional but can be difficult in practice. 

Take it Slow

Busy busy busy. I feel like that is my life - always deadlines, appointments, running around. But sometimes I need to take a moment, enjoy life, and be present. 


Our world has become so noisy and messy, and I have always found my mind is so busy, I have a million thoughts traveling through my head - and simplifying can really help to center you and bring some peace, calm, and quiet. Personally, I’m not necessarily talking about the accumulation of things but also how we do things. For example, I find I tend to overcomplicate things: I will talk through a design to death about problems I could encounter before I even start. But sometimes you need to just start - don’t make it complicated because honestly most of the time I don’t even encounter any of the “problems” I created in my mind.

In a world constantly in motion, it's easy to get lost in the noise, to forget the stories we've woven and the paths we've journeyed. But let these new hand-stamped messages serve as touchstones - of our individual and collective resilience, of the love and loss we've endured, of the chaos we've breathed through. They're not just words, they're companions on your journey, cheering you on, whispering "keep going", and reminding you of your inherent strength. 


As you wear these pieces, let them not only adorn you, but also speak to you, tell you their story, and echo your own. Because at the end of the day, we're all in this wild, beautiful mess together. And sometimes, all we need is a reminder, a nudge, a note to self - and that's what Christina Kober Designs is here for. Here's to finding the message that speaks to your soul, and to the strength and stories that make us uniquely us.

Love, Christina


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