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The Christina Kober Designs Website Has a New Look!

Change is good, and after six years, it was time for our website to get a fresh touch. Christina’s vision? A site that feels like our jewelry: timeless, elegant, and easy to love. 

We've added features to help you find just what you're looking for, and made it even simpler to learn about each piece. As you browse, you'll find the same care and attention to detail online as you do in every item we craft. 

Welcome to the new Christina Kober Designs' online shopping experience.

Curious to learn more about what inspired Christina's decision, which website features she loves the most, and more? Keep reading this Q&A to hear from Christina herself.

What inspired the decision to launch a new e-commerce website for your jewelry brand?

Honestly, I still LOVE our previous website design, but it was made over six years ago and needed a little "jeuje-ing". And when I started doing some research, I found out that my website host had made some significant changes, and I needed to update the site to get the most out of those new features.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the website Design and how it resonates with the christina kober designs brand identity?

Brand story was the main inspiration behind the redesign, and I wanted the aesthetic of the website to have an air of femininity, easy elegance, and timelessness while still remaining stylish. 

The design is inspired by both functionality and a cohesive aesthetic.  I have a minor obsession with fonts and how we use them at Christina Kober Designs, so part of the inspiration was to be more consistent with the use of fonts across the website. 

The second inspiration was utilizing white space (or peach or green), so that beautiful imagery and text will sing but also feel light and airy. 

How have you ensured that the online shopping experience mimics the intimate handcrafted feel of your jewelry pieces?

This is something that was on our website before, but I’m hoping it will be easier to navigate and understand with this redesign. First, on the product detail pages we have expandable sections that give more detail about each product, like which metals are available, definitions of finishes, sizing, and personalization details. But we've also added information about jewelry care and resizing.

Are there any particular features on the website you're especially excited about? How do they enhance the shopping experience?

Are there any particular features on the website your're especially excited about? How do they enhance the shopping experience?

I’m really excited to roll out our new filtering feature. It's more organized, so you can shop by metal, message, finish, and style within a main category. 

Another favorite is the new “pair it with” features on individual products, here I selected items that would enhance or look great with that item to help you build your jewelry collection.

How have you taken into account previous customer feedback or suggestions in designing the new website?

Mostly, I want to make it easier for our customers to shop and find answers to their questions without having to search all over the place. We want you to have the best experience shopping with us online, as if you were shopping right here in the studio with us.

Were there any particular challenges you faced in creating an e-commerce platform that felt genuine to your brand?

Honestly, the most difficult part for me was letting go of our old design. I really do love it, but in my heart of hearts I knew it was time to update. I didn’t think it would be possible to love another design as much, but Erin and the Product Powerhouse team really took my ideas and inspirations and ran with them (they were very patient with me too).

So what do you think of the new website design? We'd love to hear your feedback, and we're also open to any suggestions you may have. At the end of the day, we just want to make the shopping experience as easy and fun as possible for you. Click here to start exploring all our collections.


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