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Re-Introducing Erin E. | Production Jeweler

Get to know our talented production jeweler, Erin E. In this interview, Erin shares glimpses of her personality, sense of humor, and her love for both the quirky and  profound. Dive in to learn more about Erin.

Q:In 150 words or less describe your ideal day.

A: My ideal day starts with enjoying a mug of Chai in my PJs, chasing two and four-legged kids in the park (gotta burn off that energy!), and tamales for lunch. After a glorious nap I help my kids unleash their inner artists (think glitter, glue, and maybe some questionable life choices), then finish up with a quiet night on the couch watching tv or a movie with my husband. Perfect day = messy, loud, and full of love! 

Q:List the last 3 books or podcasts you've read or listened to.

A: I digest quite a bit of audio while working but some of my recent podcast binging includes Too Scary; Didn’t Watch, Ologies with Alie Ward, and I’m slowly making progress through the audiobook Normal Women: Nine Hundred Years of Making History by Phillipa Gregory. 

Q:What is your biggest pet peeve? 

A: Unnecessary mouth noises cause a visceral reaction within me. Loud chewing, smacking or slurping cause daggers to shoot out of my eyes. 

Q:What is your greatest obsession?  

A: I’m sort of an easygoing person so obsession is a strong word for me, however, I’m still quite smitten with my husband after 22 years together. He’s my best friend and the calm to my storm. I’m always in awe in his ability to weaponize a precise amount of unseriousness that makes me snort with laughter even when I’m in the foulest of moods. 

Q:What animal do you most identify with? Why?   

A: Totally a blobfish! Those pink, squishy dudes are basically living stress balls. I find it admirable how they can survive in the deep sea while under a tremendous amount of pressure. Being a resilient little blobby weirdo in an alien-like world sounds wonderful to me. 

Q: Which Disney character do you identify with most? Why?   

A: As a kid, I was obsessed with Disney’s wonderfully dark liveaction version of Return to Oz. This isn’t your typical Dorothy. Fairuza Balk's portrayal is of a complex heroine – flawed, scared, maybe a little crazy but packing some serious attitude along with a metal lunch pail. With her loyal chicken, Billina, by her side, Dorothy has to navigate a twisted version of Emerald City in ruins. She's a total badass that isn’t afraid to take on Mombi, the terrifying sorceress who has a vast collection of princess heads that she wears and changes depending on her mood.


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