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What's Special About Our New, Gold-Filled Stacking Rings?

Christina Kober Designs is so excited to introduce a gold look in stacking rings at a more accessible price point! Keep reading this interview with Christina to learn more about what makes gold-filled jewelry special and why you should consider adding it to your daily stack.

Q: What inspired you to include gold-filled jewelry in your collection, and what are the key factors that led you to this decision?

A: I've always offered a gold plated option (lower-priced option than solid gold) in our necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, due to the wear rings received, I felt that plating wasn't an option. Even though we use the heaviest plating possible - the plating could be scratched off. For years I've had requests for our rings in gold-filled or plated, and I have only recently realized I could combine the two to make a thicker outer layer of gold on the ring.

Q: For those unfamiliar, could you explain what gold-filled jewelry is and how it compares to other gold jewelry in terms of quality and durability?

A: Let me start with the name, as it is misleading - gold filled is not “filled with gold.” The gold in gold-filled is actually on the outside which is super confusing, because it has nothing to do with being filled with gold! Why someone decided to call it "gold-filled" is beyond me. 

So what is it actually? Gold-filled is a thin layer of gold with a core of another less expensive material, usually bronze or brass. Through a process of high heat and pressure, the gold is laminated to the core. This process is highly regulated by the FTC and is legally required to have 1/20th (5%) pure gold by weight.

Q: How would you describe the unique qualities of your gold-filled jewelry pieces? What sets them apart from others in the market?

A: I've developed a process of making the rings in 14k gold-filled and then adding our heavy gold plating to the final piece. This provides an extra layer of gold.

Q: Can you share more about the craftsmanship behind your gold-filled jewelry? How do you approach the design process to ensure each piece reflects your brand's aesthetic and values?

A: The initial fabrication process (the way we construct and build the jewelry) is the same as we make our solid silver and 14k gold pieces - using the same traditional metalsmithing techniques. The only difference is the material we are using. But our final step is different, as we're plating the final piece like our gold plated jewelry to add the extra layer of gold for durability.

Q: Looking forward, what are your aspirations for the expansion of your gold-filled jewelry line? How do you want your customers to feel when wearing your jewelry?

A: Currently, I'm only releasing some of our most popular stacking rings with the gold-filled option. But I'm so excited to continue to work to make our rings with messages available in gold-filled in the future. I want our customers to feel confident in the quality of Christina Kober jewelry. I want our jewelry to be a piece that inspires, tells a story, makes you smile, and is a part of you.


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