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team spotlight | RENEE

May 17 2018

I have been wanting to show more behind the scenes of Christina Kober Designs and I thought the best way would be to first introduce you to our team. The CKD team is amazing. We are close-knit group that sometimes feels more like a family than a business - a great mix of dynamic, dedicated and talented women, that bring different backgrounds and experiences to build a very strong team.

In our Team Spotlight series, I will be introducing you to our team one at a time. I am so excited to share who we are, the team that brings Christina Kober Designs to life. We are the people who handstamp, solder and polish your jewelry, the ones that answer your questions, and the ones that package up your orders with love. My hope is that you will see more of what makes us who we are, what drives us, and connect to our stories of what inspires us.

For the third installment of our “Team Spotlight” series we have Renee. She is one of our Production Jewelers. Renee is a wonderful mother to her two children and an extremely talented metalsmith. She also has her own line of jewelry called Renee Ford Metals, that is inspired by nature and features beautiful gemstones. Renee has a huge heart, is great at giving advice and will keep you laughing.

I’d like to introduce you to, Renee!

What do you do at Christina Kober Designs?

Production Jeweler

What does your typical day at CKD look like?
On days I work, I usually am first to arrive. I make coffee and set about to turn on the studio to get things warmed up and ready to go for the day. I put on my apron and I get started making the jewels, usually rings. I make lots and lots of the wide inspiRing. :)

What is something you think most people don’t know about handmade jewelry?
The amount of detail, care and love that jewelers put into bringing sheet and wire to life. There are skills but also a tenderness in creating these mementos and keepsakes that someone will cherish.

What inspires you?
Inspiration comes to me in so many forms. Nature, the cosmos, stories of strength and overcoming obstacles, understanding my own resilience, gratitude for my blessings, pattern in design,finding lichen and fungi on my hikes... I kinda can go on and on here….Which I tend to do…:)

What does a “treat yourself” day look like to you?
Sleeping in past 6:30 am, a morning stretch or yoga practice, coffee and a hike in the woods. Spending some time with my kids and cooking a nice meal followed by reading something inspirational or completely indulgent like vampire chick lit. :)

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
My kids.

I would say best known for being witty (haha) and over sharing...

You used to own your own jewelry storefront and still have your own business selling jewelry you design and produce. How do you manage your time between your own business and CKD?
Every week, and most days, it’s a balancing act, but I usually plan the week out on Sunday evening. Looking at the bigger picture helps me accomplish daily objectives easier. I tend to allow for some flexibility so that if my kids need help or we want to plan something more spontaneously, we can. I write a lot of my schedule in pencil and update frequently. Long term goal planning and short term task lists are constantly updated and dreamt about.

You have two amazing children, Max and Ruby. What do you feel is the most important lesson you would like to pass on to them?
Always do your best to treat others with respect, compassion and kindness. More importantly, remembering that you also need to treat yourself with those same things.

What is your favorite CKD piece and why?
inspiRings - I love the little inspiring reminders that empower, encourage and elevate the wearer while being stylish and very wearable.

Ok, now time for a little quick fire….
Gold, silver, or rose gold?


Diamond dusted or Inspired?

Savory or sweet?
Why do I have to choose?? Cause savory-sweet combo is the best!

Receiving gifts or giving gifts?
I love giving gifts.

Simple or Layered?

Wide ring or Narrow ring?

Coffee or tea?
Coffee then tea

Dog or cat?
I want both, and would have dozens of both if I could. Currently I am ruled by a one eyed snuggle cat.





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