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mother's day spotlight | MARY ELLEN SKYE

If you're a Nashville local, chances are you've heard of soon-to-be mama Mary Ellen Skye and have swooned over her stunning instagram feed. It's filled with little peeks of her beautiful home, precious pup, and her love of all things blush. If you haven't already, we definitely recommend you take a look at this sweet soul's page - we promise you won't be disappointed. It was such a pleasure getting to know her, chatting about her memorable pregnancy experiences, future hopes for her precious baby girl, and her very favorite CKD pieces.

What about becoming a mother are you most excited for?
I think the idea of knowing a more deeper version of love excites me about becoming a mother. You hear people say it all the time but it’s something I don’t think we can truly grasp until it happens! I’m also excited about the simple things. Pancakes on Sunday morning, swinging at the park, going to dance recitals & all the “first” times!

What has been your favorite part of pregnancy?
Feeling her move! It makes it all feel so real, because honestly even late in the pregnancy game if I’m looking forward, I still don’t really feel pregnant but her dance parties are always the best reminders! I also have a new understanding of thankfulness and have felt so honored during this time to be carrying this baby girl!

Have you had any cravings?
In the beginning of my pregnancy I was either throwing up or craving the most ridiculous things! One week I only wanted chicken fingers & mac n cheese! I feel like I craved all foods from my childhood! So basically fried & sweet!

Have you decided on your baby’s name? If so (and you don’t mind sharing), what is it and why did you choose it?
Yes, we have decided! We are naming her Holiday Jones. We chose it based on a dream I had a year ago! We love her name so much! We feel confident this baby girl is going to be a celebration & she is a huge answer to so many prayers!

What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?
I think it’s the unexpected gift that someone gives you. The thing that makes any gift special is that they heard you & thought about you specifically. So for me it’s been a bar cart, a pillow, a blanket & a meal delivered. All different occasions but all special to me!

What is your favorite piece of CKD jewelry?
I’m in love with my ring that wears my daughters name! I love how the stack of rings turned out & it feels so special to wear! I think all the diamond dusted pieces are so pretty too!

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