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behind the message | don't postpone your joy

behind the message | don't postpone your joy

Every year around my birthday I reflect on my life and where I am compared to where I thought I would be. Instantly I begin to think about the missed opportunities and mistakes that lead me away from my dream life and the milestones I did not achieve. But within these “losses” I find that I also didn’t celebrate or enjoy parts of my journey because I am so focused on what didn’t.

 don't postpone your joy wide oval ring on model

I came up with the message “don’t postpone your joy” in this inspiring message ring to remind myself of this. It’s so easy to put off your joy until you reach this goal or that, and not enjoy the journey. And sometimes the journey gives you twists and turns and you end up somewhere you never expected.

This past year I have started letting go of what I thought should happen and living in what is happening, learning how to live life with joy. This is my one and only life and instead of only focusing on what was missed, I celebrate those wins I never expected and I am present and enjoy my story as it happens.

xoxo, Christina 




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