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Every word, date, or message we stamp has a story - a connection to you. These stories are why I started making jewelry with messages, giving inspiration, remembrance, strength to the wearer.

In our Customer Stories series, I'll be sharing some of the sentiment and the why behind your custom messages.

Today, we're sharing a special story of reconciliation and growth. Names have been altered to protect their privacy


M's story


My name is M and I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I got sober a couple of years ago through the 12 Steps of AA and the 9th Step entails that I go back to those I’ve done harm to and right those wrongs to the best of my abilities.

I used to steal a lot when I was in active addiction. I stole from art festivals around Atlanta often with the mentality that “I like it, it’s mine”. At one festival in probably 2013, I stole one of Christina's sterling silver Fortune Cookie bracelets. It was beautiful and the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, and selfishly I stole that from her. I never stopped to consider the hours of hard work, trust in customers, and livelihood that I was also stealing from artists like her. I deeply regret these actions, and while I always figured that when I would lose the pieces I’d stolen and would chalk it up to karma, I recognize that provides no justice to those I’ve stolen from. 

“She stood in the sunlight at last.” This is the message that kept coming back to mind and means a great deal to my recovery journey. I appreciate you and your mission and wish you many blessings.


gold fortune cookie bracelet with message reading "she stood in the sunlight at last"


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