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tips + tricks | necklace layering

model wearing multiple layered chains

I have always loved the look of layered necklaces - the effortless style that feels so personal. These pieces are curated and collected to be worn close to your heart. However, deciding what to wear together and your chain lengths can feel anything but effortless.

finding the right length
Here is an easy guide to find the right fit.

1. Use a string or cord (a phone charger cord works) to mark where you would like the necklace to hang. * 2. Lay the string/cord on a ruler to measure the length.
* Keep in mind the size/length of the pendant will hang below the chain length.


you already have a necklace length you like
Measure the necklace from end to end on a ruler. Our necklaces are measured from chain end to chain end and do not include the clasp in the measurement. For most accurate conversion, subtract ¾” from length of your chain.

The image below is a general guide for our chain lengths and where they hit.


For layering necklaces close together, we recommend a 2” difference.
While everyone has their own preferences and style, we love layering smaller pendants on shorter chains with a larger pendants on a longer chain.
* Layered necklaces can tangle - while our chains are durable, they are still delicate. To help prevent tangling, clasp your layered necklaces into one long line and wrap around your neck and clasp closed. (we've found this works great for two necklaces, but haven't tried more yet)

a few things to note
Most of our necklaces include an adjustable chain with a ring 2” from the end ring for versatility in layering and styling with different necklines.

Our necklaces are measured from chain end to chain end and do not include the clasp in the measurement. For most accurate measurement, add ¾” to length of chain.

Our necklaces include a handmade s-hook clasp. We’ve created two videos to help with our clasp because we know it may be a little different from a traditional spring ring clasp. 





That being said, if you prefer a spring ring clasp you can select that option when ordering your necklace and we’ll be happy to switch it for you.

chain with s-hook clasp and 2 jump rings for adjustability

Your preferred look can vary from wearing chains of all similar lengths to wearing a choker with a long necklace - we’re not here to change your preference or style - but mixing pendant shape, texture, and length can create a powerful personal statement. We are here to help if you aren’t sure what to style together - whether it's multiple necklaces from Christina Kober Designs or mixing with pieces from your own collection. Contact us here.

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