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customer story | Vera B

Adored Necklace by Christina Kober on Model 

Every word, date, or message we stamp has a story - a connection to you. These stories are why I started making jewelry with messages, giving inspiration, remembrance, strength to the wearer.

In our Customer Stories series, I'll be sharing some of the sentiment and the why behind your custom messages.

Today, we're sharing Vera B's story about her personalized adored necklace


Vera's story


I came across Christina Kober's jewelry over the summer last year looking for some inspiration as it was my first time being out of work in my adult life.. I lost both my parents, one in 2010 and one in 2014, I was divorced (my choice) in 2020 after being separated officially for two years. I am a single mother of two teenage boys - my youngest decided to drop out of high school in November. Regardless of the hurdles, I am very blessed. I was lucky to have my parents until I was 40, I have my health & a small but great support system. I have one brother who is my rock, my boys (my oldest is currently applying to colleges and getting accepted with scholarships), great friends, and a job I love since the end of last September.

While I always feel blessed I picked the words "resilient, persistent, and confident" to remind myself of what I have accomplished, can accomplish, and will accomplish. The key is to never give up, be positive, and be grateful for what I have.

I have purchased many pieces for myself from Christina Kober and will continue. My favorite is my first which was my fortune cookie necklace with a personalized message when I was out of work. "When one door closes, another door opens". It spoke to me during that time and continues to be a reminder.


silver adored necklace | christina kober designs


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