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tips + tricks | Spring Cleaning your Jewelry Box

March 09 2023

silver necklace, earrings and necklace

The spring season is a time for renewal and…cleaning. There's just something about the spring season that makes me want to sort through the clutter and deep-clean the dusty corners I've been ignoring all winter.

But spring cleaning doesn't have to stop with your closet, your kid's playroom, or your kitchen cabinets; it can also extend to places like your jewelry box.

Have you been wondering what to do with some of the old jewelry pieces you no longer wear or even the ones that have tarnished or been broken? Keep reading this blog post for some of my favorite practical tips for "spring cleaning" your jewelry box.

Audit Your Jewelry Box
When was the last time you opened your jewelry box and looked beyond the key pieces you wear every day, things like your wedding set or your go-toinspiRING? It's time to brave the depths of your jewelry box - or wherever you store your jewelry. You'll want to remove everything and then categorize each item into the following groups:

  1. Tangled necklaces (yes, we'll explain how to untangle a necklace!)
  2. Tarnished or dirty pieces
  3. Broken items
  4. Earrings missing their pair
  5. Perfectly-fine items

Okay, got all your jewelry into the appropriate groups? There's something you can do with each category, so your jewelry doesn't go to waste.

Tip no. 1 : How to untangle your Necklaces 
Literally no one wants to spend their precious time fussing with tangled necklace chains. But if spending a few minutes with your chains means you can actually wear them again, it's probably worth the extra effort. If you're patient and have long nails, you can try to pick the tangles apart. But if you're interested in some tips, I have tricks to untangle necklaces.

chain knot

If you’re like me and have no nails, you can use the tip of a needle or safety pin to help pull the tangles apart.

Baby powder on a soft cloth can lubricate the chain links, making it easier to untangle them. With this method, you won't have to pull too hard and risk damaging the chain. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly after you're done, so you don't damage the necklace over time. You can also try a bowl filled with soapy water; be sure not to do this over an open drain, just in case the necklace slips from your hands into the sink.

Not interested in learning how to untangle a necklace yourself? We will also untangle your chains for $7 per chain. Contact us and we can send you a Ship Kit.

Tip no. 2 : Clean Your Tarnished or Dirty Pieces
Silver tends to tarnish over time, especially if you don't wear it regularly and expose it to the air. But all hope is not lost with tarnished jewelry.

tarnished ring

To clean your jewelry effectively, you'll need a few tools: a soft toothbrush, warm water, dish soap, and a small glass or bowl. Begin by adding a drop or two of dish soap in a small glass or bowl, then add warm water and stir to mix. Drop in your dirty rings and allow them to soak for 2-5 minutes to loosen any buildup and dirt.

Using the soft toothbrush, add a little bit of dish soap and dip it in warm water. Lightly scrub your ring, cleaning off the buildup that has accumulated. Be sure to rinse your ring carefully, being cautious not to let it slip down the sink. Repeat the process if necessary until your ring is clean and shiny.

This cleaning method is particularly effective for Diamond Dusted pieces and will help them regain their shine and sparkle. For more info, check out this other blog post. I also have a Jewelry Care page here.

Tip no. 3 : Upcycle Broken Chains
If you have a broken necklace chain lying around, don't throw it away just yet. Grab some wire cutters and snip it into smaller segments.

Now, take one of those cut segments and slide the open link onto the post of a stud earring. Put that in your ear like you normally would, and secure it with the earring back. Voila! You've transformed your boring studs into fabulous convertible dangle earrings.

But why stop there? Snip a few more chain segments and slide them onto your earring post for a fun and playful fringe effect.

Tip no. 4 : Gather Earrings Missing Their Pair
Gather all of your single earrings and pop them into a small container. Tuck that container away in the back of your jewelry box, so those orphan earrings aren't getting lost and floating around aimlessly.


Now, every time you stumble upon a matching pair, you know exactly where to put them. But, if you get to the end of the year and still haven't found the mate to that one lonely earring, don't fret! You have two options.

First, if your earring is made of precious metal, you can sell it for scrap and make a little cash on the side. Or, if you're feeling daring, you can embrace the mismatched earring trend and rock those solo studs or danglers.

Tip no. 5 : Curate Your Jewelry Look
Do you have pieces that are just sitting there, collecting dust? Well, let's ask ourselves why. Do you still love them? Are you not sure how to style them? Maybe they're no longer "in"? Or maybe you have something similar?

Once you've figured out the reason why you haven't been wearing them, you can decide what to do next. Maybe you need some fresh style inspiration and can ask a fashionable friend for their advice. Or, perhaps it's time to upgrade your wardrobe, so that you can pair your jewelry with some new, versatile pieces. And, if you find that you have duplicates, why not give them away to a friend who would appreciate them or try selling them?

And, when it comes to shopping for new jewelry in the future, keep in mind what you already have. No need to buy duplicates and clutter your jewelry box.

Spring cleaning is not limited to your home or wardrobe. Your jewelry box also deserves a thorough clean-out and organization. Sorting your jewelry into categories like tangled necklaces, tarnished or dirty pieces, and more can help you determine what needs to be done with each piece. By following my tips, you can revive your jewelry pieces and ensure they don't go to waste while also keeping your jewelry box clutter-free and organized.


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