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customer stories | JENNIFER L.

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Every word, date, or message we stamp has a story - a connection to you. These stories are why I started making jewelry with messages, giving inspiration, remembrance, strength to the wearer.

In our Customer Stories series, I'll be sharing some of the sentiment and the why behind your custom messages.

Today, Jennifer L. tells us about her custom Wide Inspiring.

Jennifer's story

My grandparents had been married for 62 years, and my grandmother passed away very shortly after my grandfather - about 16 years ago.

In her last weeks, she would make very prolific statements from time to time. One day as I was visiting her, she said "make people smile, you will have done right." That has been ingrained in my soul since, and after ending an engagement I decided to have that ring made. I wear it on my left ring finger as a reminder of her, as well as my grandparents' love. 

I am a teacher and my students always ask about it. I like to think that my grandmother lives on in my ring finger, a place that symbolizes love. It is truly a reminder each and every day about the importance and the power that I have to make people smile and feel happy. When I need a moment of clarity or a reminder of love, compassion and empathy, I look down at my ring finger and immediately feel grounded.

I am so thankful that I found your company and that you can help sweet memories and messages seem timeless. 


 make people smile wide ring with quote

Why we love the Wide Ring

    • This ring is customizable - there is space for up to 5 lines of 12 characters and you can personalize the text placement. Perfect for quotes & longer messages!
    • They are a beautiful statement ring to add to your ring collection. 
    • The Wide Ring is a great gifting option. Not sure about their ring size? We offer one free resizing, so if it's not perfect we will fix it! learn more here
    • It is one of our best-selling rings! 
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