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thoughtful gifting | EMILY'S GIFT GUIDE

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Nothing brings me more joy than finding the perfect gift for someone. I love taking into consideration who they are, what our relationship is, and thinking about things that they may not have thought of for themselves. We are kicking off our thoughtful gifting series with holiday gift guides. Each member of the Christina Kober Designs team will be sharing their gift guide for the special people in their lives.

Working at a small business, we all appreciate the love and care that goes into each item. We also love putting thought and care behind each gift we give, so our gift guide will only feature small businesses.

For our fifth gift guide, Emily is sharing her gift list!

For my long time family friend who has a style of her own
One of my dearest friends is one of my favorite people to shop for. Her style is bold and colorful. It screams creativity. She’s the girl who has a ring for every finger. And being a lover of sterling silver jewelry, there was no question that our long double adjustable ring would be the gift for her. The asymmetric lines that stretch across the finger creates a statement that undoubtedly fits her edgy aesthetic. Being adjustable, she can alternate which finger she wears the ring on day to day. On top of all that, the ring has our signature diamond dusted texture making this piece like nothing she’s ever seen. I can’t wait for her reaction when she opens it!

diamond dusted long adjustable ring

For my sister & best friend
My sister and I pretty much have the same taste. She is the one person that I can shop like I’m shopping for myself and I’m confident she’ll love what I pick. Last year I bought the Lori tote from Nisolo and I wear it every single day. I use it as my computer bag, snack bag, camera bag. In other words, my life in a bag. Obviously this is what Anna is getting for Christmas. The Nubuck leather is buttery soft and ages so nicely. Anna has nothing like this style and color in her closet and I just know she’ll love it as much I do.

Nisolo Lori Tote

For my momma who has the christmas spirit all year round
My mom is a woman who loves all things Christmas. She begins decorating our home the day after Thanksgiving. The pumpkins go up and the nativity sets come out. The home for the holidays embroidered table runner from Coral & Tusk is just the right addition to her festive table setting for Christmas dinner. The embroidery has intricate details of a row of homes on a cobblestone street filled with woodland creatures and festive greenery. I also love that the material is unbleached, natural linen. I’m all about brands who are environmentally conscious.

Coral & Tusk Embroidered Table Runner



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